Placing the order and paying for goods.

Your shopping cart will be created from the moment you click the link ’Add to Cart’.

To place the order click ’Checkout’ after which our e-shop will offer you a few options: guest checkout, create an account (if you have not done so already) or log in. Next, fill in the required fields under Billing Details, Shipping Details, Shipping Method, Payment Details. The order will be submitted once you click ’Order’ on the Review page. You can pay for your order in full immediately after placing it by using bank hyperlinks. You will be automatically redirected to submit your payment via the selected bank link. It is still possible to change your order before clicking ’Order’.

You cannot change your order once you receive a confirmation letter with the order number to your email. To change your order contact bosse.ee customer service on +372 5040428 or by email at  soposh-eesti@soposh.eu


Should it happen that you encounter an error during payment via a bank link or you have a bank account at a bank for which we do not have a link, you will find our bank account number to which you can make the payment in the confirmation email. Alternatively, you can send us your order by emailing soposh-eesti@soposh.eu and we will send you an invoice for a bank transfer.

The contract of purchase and sale (hereinafter Contract) is considered to be concluded, i.e. the order will be processed once you have paid the full amount stated in the confirmation letter/advance payment invoice to the bank account of AM Consulto OÜ, unless agreed otherwise.



When buying from VipDog you can choose between four different delivery methods. Additionally, you have the choice to pick up the goods yourself!

We will deliver the goods generally within 3 business days, but it might sometimes take up to 7 business days (depending on the delivery method and also on the goods). If you would like to pick up the goods yourself, you can do so as an next day after placing the order/payment.


For KENNELS delivery is FREE for orders starting from 150 EUR and for WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS from 300 EUR. There are no shipping fees if you pick up the goods from the appointment point or warehouse yourself.


Omniva parcel machines

Omniva parcel machines allow you to order goods with a maximum weight of 30kg and with dimensions that do not exceed 41cm x 38cm x 64cm. As soon as the parcel has arrived at the parcel machine at the delivery address, the consignee will receive a notification by SMS on their mobile phone. Then all there is left for you to do is to go to the parcel machine, enter the door code you received and the door will open.

Check if the parcel has been damaged, check the contents of the parcel and make sure the items in the parcel are intact. This recommendation applies especially when you have ordered, for example, ceramic food bowls for pets, a cat litter box or a cage, in other words, a product that has ceramic or plastic parts that may break if the parcel is thrown or crushed. If something is broken make a complaint at your nearest post office or call Omniva customer service on +372 6616. If you did not make a complaint immediately then we are not obliged to compensate for or replace the broken item


Pick up the goods yourself

You will save on shipping fees if you collect the goods yourself from the appointment point in Haabersti or Järve. You can pick up the goods already an next day after ordering/payment.

Shipping outside of Estonia

If you would like us to ship goods outside of Estonia, let us know by contacting us at – soposh-eesti@soposh.eu  and we will agree separately on the shipping method and price as well as the payment conditions.