• I'm So Silky Silk Protein Leave-on Conditioner 300 ml

Suurepärase niisutusega palsam pikakarvalistele tõugudele. Hoiab karva pusavaba ja toidab karvatekstuuri näitustevahelisel ajal. Ei sisalda parabeene ega silikoone ega karme säilitusaineid, tasakaalustatud pH.

Ära hoia lahjendatud toodet liiga pikalt. Lahjenda 1:10.

Vihje: saad ideaalse segu, kui lisad palsamisegule 5-20 ml Coat Oil toodet ja jätad selle karva.


Super Moisturizing Conditioner for drop coats for maintenance grooming. Gives a tangle-free, smooth, anti-static coat between the shows. Contains Crosilk™ which penetrates the skin, to the hair cuticle leaving the coat easy to comb.  Leave-on conditioner is the ideal conditioner to mix with So Posh Coat Oil.

For wrapping: Make a mixture of I’m So Silky Leave-on conditioner with a dilution rate of 1:16 or 1:20 (depends on the coat and which result you prefer). Do not wash it out. Pour carefully all over the coat, make sure you get all the layers, especially the undercoat and problematic areas. Squeeze out most of the water and wrap your dog in a towel. Dry coat as usual. 

Those who prefer to use coat oil, for example for Malteses and Yorkies whose coat is in wraps – add some of So Posh Coat Oil into the Leave-On Conditioner mixture. For Malteses and Yorkies 5 ml is enough. For, let’s say Shih Tzu, 10-15 ml. Shake mixture well prior of using and pour mixture between all coat layers. Do not wash out. Dry coat as usual and wrap it or just let the dog run itself dry. 

Conditioner contains no paraben,  no silicone, no harsh preservatives and is pH balanced. 

We do not use harsh preservatives in our products, so use diluted mixture instantly, do not leave it for too long.

Ingredients: Aqua, Clycerin, Silk Protein, Argan Oil, Citric Acid, Vitamin A, Fragrance, Preservative

I'm So Silky Silk Protein Leave-on Conditioner 300 ml

  • Kaubamärgid So Posh
  • Mudel: SLOC300ML
  • Saadavus: Laos
  • 18.00€

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